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Journalism Lecturer is Changing Where We See Social

Social media

Stephen O'Leary, a lecturer in Online Journalism as well as a Griffith alumnus, has been featured in Business Plus Magazine in an interview about his company, Olytico. Founded in 2009, Olytico helps companies manage their social media lives, providing reports as frequently as every week. 

Olytico is branching out, though, with the addition of their new Social Media Wall. Often used in offices' communal spaces, the social media wall lets employees, clients, and really anyone who walks by see how the public is interacting with a brand across social media. "It's not like the brand is selling itself," O'Leary points out, "it's more about looking at all of their happy customers."

Our congratulations to Stephen on his success, and best wishes for it to continue in the future!

Read the full interview here.