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Congratulations on completing your course and entering this exciting new phase of your life! Here at Griffith College's Careers Service, we are committed to supporting you as you transition from college to the professional world.  Whether you seek employment opportunities, consider further education, or explore career paths, we’re here to help. 

Success Stories

Read some of our Alumni success stories and their career advice below to inspire you!
Sophie Wright

Career Trajectory: 

After graduating from Griffith College, I went on to do a Master's in Strategic Marketing and Practice at UCC. Following my master's, I entered the tech industry, where I spent three years in various sales roles, managing international clients and selling a range of tech products. By the end of 2023, I felt a strong pull toward marketing. My academic background in marketing inspired me to take a leap and transition from sales. This led me to WENTWORTH accountancy practice, where I now work as the Marketing and Business Development Manager. 

Further Education and Qualifications: 

Since graduating from Griffith College, I have focused on enhancing my marketing expertise. I earned my master's degree and completed several online courses on Google Ads, SEO, and website construction to deepen my understanding and skills in these areas. 

Current Role and Responsibilities: 

In my current role, I manage the WENTWORTH website, which involves copywriting and basic maintenance. I oversee our social media accounts and handle communications through various channels, including conferences and advertising. Additionally, I play a key role in client relationship management, acting as the first point of contact for our clients. 

Best Career Advice Received: 

The best career advice I ever received was, "Your network is your net worth." It's crucial to surround yourself with the right people who will guide, inspire, and most importantly hold you accountable. Professionally and socially, you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with, so ensure you have the right circle. 

Advice for Recent Graduates: 

To recent graduates entering the job market, I recommend establishing yourself in your industry early on. Attend events, post on LinkedIn, and connect with people in your desired field. Being proactive and eager to learn will set you apart from your peers and give you a significant advantage when job hunting or advancing in your current role. 

becky robinson

Career Trajectory   

When I completed my BA Honours Degree in Accounting and Finance with GCC I got a job in accounts payable in a Healthcare company while I was deciding for definite what route I would like to take.  

In May 2023 I obtained my current role as a Trainee Accountant in Buckley Scriven O’Regan (BSOR). I could not have asked for a better firm to be training in.  

Further Education and Qualifications: 

Upon completing my course with Griffith College Cork (GCC), I decided to take the ACCA path. I graduated GCC with 9 exemptions from ACCA exams, which was a tremendous advantage.  

I have since sat my first ACCA exam (Strategic Business Reporting) and thankfully passed. I also completed this course through Griffith College with Deirdre Cogan, who does an amazing job portraying her knowledge and ensuring the lectures are understandable for the students.  

With only three exams left, I am eager to be an ACCA-qualified accountant. 

Current Role and Responsibilities:  

As BSOR is a practice with a wide range of clients, there are many various jobs to undertake. My daily schedule could vary from processing payroll to undertaking audits, completing income tax returns, doing bookkeeping and VAT returns, and handling company accounts—the list could go on! 

I am glad about the exposure that BSOR has provided me with, along with providing exam support along the way.  

Best Career Advice Received:  

Ask questions! If you are unsure of how to complete a task that you have tried your best at, ask for help.  

The only way you can excel in anything is by learning and obtaining new information.  

Advice for recent graduates  

Do your research so that you understand the path you choose, whether it is practice or industry.  

There are so many opportunities on LinkedIn, so be sure to have an active, up-to-date profile. You would be surprised how many people reach out to you based on your profile alone.  

Chloe Heffernan

Career Trajectory: 

After completing my Level 8 degree in Business Studies, I began researching different career options. My father works as a Chartered Tax Advisor, which gave me an insight into the role and what was involved. After spending some time looking into the Chartered Tax Advisor course, I knew it was right for me. 

Further Education & Qualifications:  

I am currently doing the Chartered Tax Advisor course with the Irish Tax Institute. The CTA qualification is the leading tax advisory qualification in Ireland for tax professionals. The course covers all areas of Tax and gives you a fantastic understanding of the role and your responsibilities as a professional.  

Current Role and Responsibilities:  

FDC is unique in that you are never looked at as a trainee but as a vital part of the team from your first day. This has allowed me to grow in my role and put me at ease when taking on more duties in the workplace. Each day, I learn something new, which makes the role exciting. No two cases are the same, and of course, the tax world is ever-changing. My responsibilities day to day are case reviews, client meetings, research, and administrative duties. One of the reasons I chose this role is because of the relationships it allows you to build with clients, we work closely with them and always work in their best interests which can be very rewarding.  

Best Career Advice Received: 

The best professional advice I have received is ‘attention to detail.’ That really sums up this role. Tax work is highly dependent on paying attention to every detail, carrying out proper research, and applying that to the issue at hand. 

Advice for a recent graduate  

Entering the job market can be daunting, so try to experience different roles in different sectors. Too often, people find themselves stuck in a job they are not passionate about; it is important to do research. Talk to people who work in the position you are considering, and take your time to consider the role. 

Arshi Al Ansar

Career Trajectory: 

I began my professional journey by taking up a part-time role as a Technical Specialist at UPS while I was pursuing my third semester of studies, which involved a dissertation. Upon completing my master's, I transitioned to a full-time position at UPS, where I worked for an additional nine months. Subsequently, I secured a job at AWS as a Technical Customer Service Specialist. After spending 10 months in this role, I interviewed for the position of Technical Account Manager and successfully obtained the role. Within a year, I received a level-up promotion and am currently working as a Strategic Technical Account Manager. 

Further Education & Qualifications: 

AWS-certified Solutions Architect Associate  

Current Role and Responsibilities: 

My primary focus is to drive adoption and optimise usage of AWS services and ensure their AWS infrastructure is secure, resilient, high-performing, and cost-optimised. 
I act as the AWS representative within the customer environment, engaging with senior leadership on incidents, trade-offs, support, and risk management. I provide strategic technical guidance, advocacy, and best practices to help plan and build solutions tailored to the customer's needs. 
I work closely with customers to understand their business/operational requirements and technical challenges, helping them maximize the value from AWS. Based on customer needs, I organise events like Immersion Days and Game Days. 
My role combines deep technical expertise with strategic advisory skills to drive successful cloud adoption and ongoing optimisation for my high-value AWS customers. 

Best Career Advice Received: 

Keep moving forward—just don’t stop. Believe in yourself and keep moving towards your dreams and aspirations. Remember that you are the captain of your ship. 

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