Griffith College Mentoring Programme

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The Griffith College Careers Service is delighted to offer a career mentoring programme to second year undergraduate students. The programme aims to match students with professionals who are graduates of the college. The 2023-2024 programme will run for a three-month period from February 2024 to April 2024.

What are the benefits of the mentoring programme?

Mentoring is a fantastic opportunity for both alumni and students. Students are given the opportunity to build relationships that can help support them in their career journey and alumni get to support students and their career development through a structured mentorship programme while developing their own skill set.

Having a mentor can help you gain valuable advice and insights into your dream job and can help you determine what skills you need to achieve your goals. You can benefit from having an experienced person who takes the time to listen to you and explore your specific development needs, be they career planning or expanding your professional network.

Who is eligible to apply?

Alumni who wish to participate as mentors should have at least two-years work experience. The mentoring programme is open to all second-year undergraduate students.

What is the time commitment?

Mentors are asked to meet with their mentee at least three times throughout the programme. This can be online or in person and should be agreed upon from the beginning. To get the most out of your meetings with your mentor, ensure you have prepared documents that you would like them to review such as your CV and have questions prepared in advance.

How are mentor/mentee matches chosen?

All applicants will be asked to complete an application form. The information gathered including work experience, course of study and future career path will all be considered when matching mentors and mentees.

What is my role as a mentor?

As a mentor, you are not required to have answers to all the questions your mentee might have. Use your professional experience to guide them to where they might find these answers and support them in their own career discovery.

What is my role as a mentee?

Participating in the mentoring programme is part of building your professional network. Remember to be respectful and professional in your dealings with your mentor.

How do I communicate with my mentor/mentee?

Communication can take place face to face or via zoom. The form of communication to be used can be agreed upon ahead of your first meeting.

What support is available to participants on the mentoring programme?

The careers office is available to support mentors and mentees throughout the programme. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How do I apply?

Alumni Mentors can fill out an expression of interest here

Mentees (Second year undergraduates) can apply here