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Moodle A.R.M Video Guides

Moodle Video Guides

Welcome from the Digital Learning Department. This page will provide information and training resources to support lecturers in their delivery of blended programmes.

Technology Enhanced Learning operates alongside the Head of Teaching and Learning, offering support and training with all forms of digital learning, from use of Moodle activities and Zoom conferencing to creating e-lectures in the eLearning labs and supporting blended delivery.   

Alice Childs – Learning Technologist Manager
Room D205  
Phone: +35314163312 
Office Hours:  9am - 5.30pm, Monday to Friday
Email: [email protected]

Greg O’Brien – Learning Technologist
Room D205  
Phone: +35314163468
8am – 4.30pm Monday and Wednesday   and   9am - 5.30pm, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
Email: [email protected]

Moodle A.R.M

What exactly is A.R.M and why are we doing it?



A hands on guide to migrating your lecturing material



Moodle Video Guides

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