Upcoming Exams

Exams Schedules

For programmes that are divided into semesters, examinations typically take place in January and May. Examinations for linear based programmes are typically held in May. A supplemental examination sitting normally takes place in August.

Please see my.griffith.ie for a full listing of all college regulations regarding examinations, including guidelines on procedures before, after and during examinations.

Prohibited Materials

You are not permitted to take any material into the exam venue that might give you an unfair advantage over other students. You also may not write notes of any kind on your person. Items that you may not take into an exam include

  • mobile phones           
  • walkmans
  • MP3 players         
  • IPods
  • programmable calculators
  • dictionaries
  • computer hardware/software
  • lecture notes
  • texts
  • papers
  • pencil cases

Any unauthorised material found in your possession will be confiscated immediately and your actions may be construed as an attempt at cheating. A full investigation will take place, which may result in disciplinary action.


Examinations results are normally available within 4 weeks of the completion of the examinations. You may access your results on my.gcd.ie using your student number and password. Please note that Semester results remain provisional until they have been approved at the relevant Exam board at the end of the academic year. Transcripts of results are only issued in hard copy on completion of your programme. It is your responsibility to ensure that the College has your correct address. Any changes to your contact details can be made on mygcd.ie or by contacting your faculty administrator.

Information on interpreting your results can be found in the QAE manual on Moodle and in the Student Handbook.