Student Activities


A wide range of student events is organised throughout the academic year. Griffith College recognises the multiculturalism of its students and as a result, accommodates many international festivals and events. Some fun examples of events that run every year are Freshers Week, Halloween Ball, Christmas Ball, Chinese New Year, RAG Week.


Griffith College organises fun trips for students during the academic year. Trips such as the Discovery Trip, Surf Trip and Adventure Trip are always very popular excursions with students. We would highly recommend students to take part in these trips as it is an excellent way of meeting new people and making new friends easily. 

Clubs and Societies

Griffith College has a lot to offer regarding clubs and societies and we try to cater for everyone. Getting involved with the clubs and societies is a great way to have fun and to make new friends from all over the world.

Student Union - Dublin Campus

Griffith College Students' Union (Griffith SU) is the representative body for all students within the College. International students are encouraged to get involved in Student Union activities in order to make your time in Griffith College more enjoyable. As a student of Griffith College, you will automatically become a member of the Students' Union.

We highly recommend that you join the Griffith College Dublin Student Union Facebook page in order to keep informed about the events, clubs and societies and trips taking place during the academic year.

Griffith College Dublin Ball

The crown jewel of the year is the annual spectacular 'Griffith Ball' that takes place Dublin. It is a formal ball that takes place towards the end of the academic year, usually in April. It is the most extravagant event that happens during the Griffith College calendar year. This event is a favourite among staff and students. As a Griffith College student, this is not an event you want to miss! There is great fun to be had on the night. This event includes a delicious dinner and live music to rock out to on the dance floor.