Study Abroad

Study Abroad, in this context, refers to international students studying in Griffith College for one or two semesters to receive credits only as part of their university programme in their home country. We highly recommend that you explore all of the International Office's section of the site in order to be fully prepared for studying in Griffith College and your stay in Ireland.

Study Abroad Applicants

  • A completed Online Application Form
  • A copy of the picture page of your passport
  • A copy of the students transcripts
  • Academic Reference Form (North American students only)
  • Evidence of English language(if applicable) be it an internationally recognised language exam or a letter on headed paper from the partner institution stating the following or similar:

To whom it may concern,

The purpose of this letter is to state the suitability of the student below for the Griffith College Semester Abroad Programme. They have successfully completed our in-house English examination and have achieved a score equivalent to B2 or higher as described in the Common European Framework Reference of Languages (CEFRL). On the basis of this test result, we are satisfied that the students meet Griffith College semester abroad programme entry requirements.

Name of person



Congrats on choosing Ireland for your study abroad experience! We look forward to welcoming you here and helping you have the best experience possible. 

*Please note that you can only choose modules that are listed on the Course Listings below.

Important: If a module appears on a Course Timetable (provided at induction by the faculty), but it is not listed in the Course Listings you CANNOT select this module.



We have approved outbound study abroad options for students in certain programmes at Griffith College. It’s a great opportunity to travel, experience a new place, and learn in a new environment. If you are interested, please contact Claire Cox for more information, to see if you are eligible for outbound study abroad, and to learn how to apply for an outbound study abroad programme! If you are eligible, take advantage of this amazing opportunity!