Griffith College offers CPD-Approved Self-Care Training for Guidance Counsellors

Self-care training for guidance counsellors

Griffith College offers CPD-Approved Self-Care Training for Guidance Counsellors

Last week the Schools Liaison Team at Griffith College ran an online CPD-approved Self-Care Training for Guidance Counsellors, designed and facilitated by Ann-Marie Ireland from Breathing Space Ireland. The event took place on two separate dates to suit the varying schedules of the guidance counsellors working in different regions in Ireland; Tuesday, 8th February and Friday, 11th February, from 2-4pm. The theme of the CPD was self-care, well-being and restoration, decided on in consultation with a number of guidance counsellors and what they identified as their current needs. Dr Tomás Mac Eochagain, the Director of Academic Affairs at Griffith College, opened both sessions on Zoom and virtually welcomed the participants to the College.

Guidance counsellors, teachers and educators have had a challenging two years which was acknowledged and addressed throughout the session by Ann-Marie, who reminded the participants that they could only give so much of themselves and their time without recharging and replenishing their own energy supply. 

After attending the session, many participants said they felt relaxed and valued.

"Somewhat drained at the outset, but relaxed as it developed and quite positive long before the finish. The journey was well worthwhile"

"Very valued, with the feeling that the facilitator really understood the role of the guidance counsellor"

"I felt supported and valued as a professional"

The event was exclusively for guidance counsellors and was granted CPD approval from the Institute of Guidance Counsellors (IGC). All attendees were issued with a Certificate of Attendance and asked to complete a short survey.

"Ann-Marie was an excellent facilitator and I really enjoyed the time to reflect and to connect with other guidance counsellors"

"It was an excellent session, left me thinking over the weekend, in a very positive way"