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Our People - Amin Sharifi Isaloo

Amin Sharifi Isaloo

Dr Amin Sharifi Isaloo

Journalism & Media Communications

Development Activities
Academic Qualifications: 
PhD in Sociology (2015, University College Cork), BSc Government (2011, UCC) and degree in Law (Tehran).

Amin teaches Social Studies and Research Methods to journalism students at Griffith College Cork. He is also a lecturer and tutor coordinator in the Department of Sociology at UCC.

His fields of interests include politics, religion, arts and culture focusing on sociological and anthropological interpretations of symbols, images and ritual performances.

He is the author of ‘Power, Legitimacy and the Public Sphere: The Iranian Ta’ziyeh Theatre Ritual’.

When asked what it is that he likes about teaching, Amin said the following;

"What excites and interests me most are the students, above all. Teaching is about making a difference in their lives and helping them achieve their educational and career goals.

Knowledge is far more valuable when shared. Therefore, learning as a teacher and then transferring that knowledge to students has always been a top priority in my career. It is rewarding to see when students are able to apply what they've learned to real life situations."