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Jamie Meehan

Jamie Meehan


Dublin Main Campus
Development Activities
Academic Qualifications: 
MA Business by research Level 9 (Limerick Institute of Technology, 2014), BA in Business in Marketing and Management Level 8 (Limerick Institute of Technology, 2012), Award in Teaching and Education Level 9 (Griffith College Dublin, 2015), Ph.D Candidate

Jamie has been lecturing in Griffith College since 2014. He is also the year head for the part-time business faculty in the Limerick campus.

His modules include; entrepreneurship, enterprise and innovation, business planning, business analysis, work placement and personal development, marketing, strategic marketing management, integrated marketing communications and digital marketing.

He is currently working on his research PhD in DIT, and is also a part-time lecturer and senior academic tutor at Limerick Institute of Technology. In conjunction with all of his academic responsibilities and activities, Jamie is very passionate about effectively enabling the development of businesses’, especially start-ups.

When asked about what he enjoys about lecturing, Jamie said the following;

“I believe that true growth as a person can only occur by challenging yourself with situations that are not familiar to you. Throwing yourself into a job in which you can encounter people of different ethnicities and religions and with different philosophies, learning styles, and backgrounds can only cause you to grow as a person, and higher education provides that environment”.


Winner of the Best Poster Presentation at the 16th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management Studies

Jun 2017 issuer: ECRM

Researcher and Guest Lecturer in Entrepreneurship; Universidad Del Desarrollo De Santiago De Chile (UDD, 2016). This research is part of the PhD process but the work is for the EU Commission and is funded by same:

Ireland Startup Manifesto Policy Tracker Curator - Startup Manifesto Policy Tracker - European Digital Forum October 2015:

Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation (RISE) - DiasporaLink Case Reports. 1st ed. European Union

publication date Apr 25, 2017 European Commission - Horizon 2020

Case Studies: European Commission - Horizon 2020 DiasporaLink – Completed April 2017

Two Case studies published:
(1) Trailwhisper & (2) Uprise Festival

Meehan, J., Gurau, C., Volovelsky, E., Dana, L. and Cussen, N. (2017). MSCA-RISE-2014: Marie Skłodowska-Curie Research and Innovation Staff Exchange (RISE) - DiasporaLink D4.2 – D10 Case Reports. 1st ed. European Union: European Commission - Horizon 2020, pp.1-300.