Our people - Waseem Akhtar

Waseem Akhtar

Head of Faculty
Programme Director

Location: Dublin Main Campus

Room: W104

Extension: 01-4163363


Dr Waseem Akhtar is Head of the Computing Science faculty at Griffith College Dublin. He is also the Programme Director for MSc in Big Data Management & Analytics and MSc in Applied Digital Media Technologies. Waseem holds a PhD in Computer Science from University College Dublin (UCD) where his research focused on developing dynamic load balancing techniques for highly parallel and heterogeneous distributed systems. He also holds an MBA in Higher Education Management from University College London (UCL); the focus of his final project was on Evidence Based Management & Business Intelligence in higher education institutions.

Waseem's current research interests focus on multidisciplinary topics such as Business Intelligence Systems, Evidence Based Management and other applications of Big Data and Machine Learning for the strategic management of large scale organisations, particularly higher education institutions, as well as applications of analytics for the management and assessment of teaching and learning, integrated institutional effectiveness and institutional ranking. His research interests also include software development for large & complex systems, from technical perspective as well as form the point of view of project management. Waseem has presented his research at various international conferences.

As Head of Faculty, Waseem has led a number of strategic initiatives in the faculty including development and validation of a number of new undergraduate and Masters programmes, management of faculty’s participation in institutional reviews, and development and implementation of improved processes to enhance faculty’s operational effectiveness. Waseem is passionate about international higher education and has direct experience of developing and maintaining international partnerships for student mobility, exchange programmes, and pathway arrangements for articulation & progression from both EU and non EU institutions. 

Waseem is also interested in science communication, and history and dissemination of knowledge. He is actively involved in a number of initiatives for promoting science, STEM careers and science communication. He regularly runs seminars and workshops on these topics, and on approaches towards self-assessment based career and professional development. Through his lectures, workshops and online projects, Waseem passionately promotes the significance of social & emotional and cultural competencies and actively encourages learners and practitioners to adopt analytical and growth mind-set, and develop critical thinking skills. He is frequently invited to contribute and speak at external seminars, workshops and conferences.