Griffith Film Fest 2024

Griffith film fest

Join us for the Griffith Film Fest, our 24-hour filmmaking competition. A competition calling for all the future filmmakers.

On the first day, on 14th February 2024, the competition will consist of workshops and tutorials to teach students aspects of editing, directing, and writing. After the sessions, the clock is ticking!! Students have 24 hours to shoot and edit, a short 10-minute film.

Instructions on how and where to submit their films will be provided to the participants.

On the second day of the competition, on 16th February 2024, the films will be screened and an award ceremony will be held to announce the winners of the competition.

Griffith College offers a selection of courses for those seeking a career in the Creative Arts and Screen Media Industry. Our reputation is highly respected within the industry and our graduates are actively sought after by employers upon completing their programme.

Our courses equip learners to adapt to evolving industry needs. Throughout your time at Griffith College, an industry awareness is developed alongside creativity, concept development, an awareness of history and theory, storytelling, industry-standard software, and the ability to work individually and as part of a group.

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