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Webinar ICHAS

The Impact of Exercise and Positive Youth Development on Adolescents Overall Well-being


Hosted by Craig Madigan this webinar will cover the impact of exercise on young people, discussing the perceived benefits of regular exercise in adolescents/post-adolescents. We will discuss in detail the impact a Positive Youth Development(PYD) structure, i.e. sport and education, has shown benefits to young people’s well-being, self-esteem, and self-image.

It will also focus on the creation and development of high-quality, strong relationships with positive role models and peers through a structured course, giving young people a chance to feel part of a group, developing confidence, and opening up originally blocked pathways through a PYD environment.

Through a holistic structure that focuses on education, sport, and mental well-being, we see positive results in an education setting where some may have struggled in mainstream education.

About the Speaker:

  • Craig is a Current Masters’ student in ICHAS Adolescent Studies
  • Lead Coordinator on the FAI ETB Player Development Education Course
  • 4 years experience in residential care with young people
  • UL Women’s Soccer Coordinator/Manager
  • Owner of AtlasFit