Announcing: ATX Advanced Taxation classes at Griffith College

ACCA ATX at Griffith College

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As anyone completing the ACCA qualification exams knows, you must complete the Essential papers and then complete two Options papers. ATX is one of those Options - and as it covers Advanced Tax - it is highly in-demand from prospective employers. A strong grounding in Advanced Tax is the ideal springboard for a career in accountancy - and is a skillset valued across the globe - not only in Ireland.

According to the ACCA themselves - "ATX Advanced Taxation is designed to enable candidates to be able to provide clients – both individuals and businesses – with the information and advice they require regarding the impact that the major taxes have on their financial decisions and situations."

If you've already studied Taxation - you will have a very good understanding of most of the topics in ATX - although ATX is a more in-depth examination of Advanced Taxation. 

But here at Griffith College - we are lucky enough to have one of Ireland's most respected and experienced tax lecturers - Paula Byrne - delivering our ATX module. Paula is a practicing accountant as well as being one of our best lecturers and she brings a level of dedication to her students that others simply cannot match.



"I love interacting with my students," says Paula. "I've been known to be helping students right up until the morning of their exam. I enjoy the process of teaching and try to put myself in the students' shoes as much as I can. I love hearing students' opinions on the different topics and it's great to see so many of my former pupils going on to great things in the world of accountancy."

Paula is very enthusiastic about the P6 module at Griffith College - saying the course has been specifically designed to fit in with a student's busy life. "All our lectures are live-streamed," explains Paula. "This is different from regular class videos because it allows the student to ask questions in real-time. If you are sitting there at home and there is something you need clarification on - then you can just ask there and then - and I'll answer the question straight away. Of course, we know students can't watch every lecture in real-time so the videos are made available a couple of hours after the class - and we have a very active Q&A forum on Moodle - where I personally guarantee to respond to all queries."

It's that approach that has made Paula such a hit with her students. If you want to follow in their footsteps - then just register here to sign up for the ATX Advanced Taxation module at Griffith College right now!