Computing Lecturer a Keynote Speaker at ICEEIT

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Dr. Faheem Bukhatwa was invited to join as a keynote speaker on the theme of IT and Networks.

The International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology took place from the 3rd-5th of March 2020 in Benghazi, Libya and was organised in collaboration with the University of Benghazi, the Libyan International University for Medical Science, the National Commission for Natural Science and Technologies, Tatweer Company for Engineering Research and Information Technology, and the College of Electrical and Electronic Technologies of Benghazi.

This year the conference focused on “A Reliable and Sustainable Development in the fields of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.” Dr. Bukhatwa’s keynote speech focused on 5G Technologies. He also presented two workshop-style lectures on the topics of Encryption Techniques and Error Detection Algorithms. A total of 56 scientific papers were presented at the conference. Dr. Bukhatwa was one of the reviewers of submitted papers along with co-chairing the Security and Computer Networks session.

Dr. Bukhatwa is a Programme Director in the faculty of computing science.

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