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Computing student to perform at Indian Embassy

Shubham Nitin Patil

A celebration will be held at the embassy in honour of the Indian independence day.

On 15 August, the Indian Independence Day, Griffith College student Shubham Nitin Patil will perform at the Indian embassy and meet the ambassador. We spoke with him to learn a little more about his story and this impressive achievement.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I am currently studying for an MSc in Computing in Griffith College. Apart from that, I have always been involved in music, from back in my home country of India until now. I love performing Indian music and other genres as well. Back in February, I had the opportunity to perform on Radio 106.4 here in Dublin, and since then I have been performing in various events in Ireland. My upcoming performance at the Indian embassy here will be a great opportunity for me to explore my own music on an entirely new platform.

Performing at the embassy is an exciting opportunity! How did it come about?

Indian Independence Day is 15th August, so the Embassy of India in Dublin has contacted me and has invited me to perform for them in honour of the 73rd Independence Day of India. I’ll be playing some patriotic songs and some of my favourite songs in front of everyone. First, I’ll be introduced to the ambassador, and then I will perform during the official function. I’ll also be awarded a letter of appreciation for my performance!

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