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Design Communications Students Unveil Inspiring Artwork on Campus

Design Communications students showcased their encouraging artwork in a bid to give fellow students hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic on their return to third-level
Gareth, Bonitta, Martina and Deirdre standing by the Design a Cube creations
Appelonia and Bonitta

Design a cube

Griffith College Design Communications students including (pictured) Appelonia Opembe and Bonitta Mphalele unveiled their inspirational ‘Design a Story Cube’ creations on Friday 2nd of October. The Design a Story Cube project was put to the students by the Head of Design Faculty, Deirdre Doherty and was reviewed by stencil artist Garreth Joyce who adapted the ideas, incorporating elements of the students' designs. 

Back to education

The  6 story cubes will sit on the green space on the main campus and are the result of the students acknowledging their fellow peers returning to third level education across the country, hoping to evoke a sense of inspiration. 

A group effort

Bonitta and Appelonia’s creations along with that of their classmates, Aaron Quinn, Cian Fitzsimons, Jenny Wallas, Lijie Yan, Mark Murray and Rui Xuan Ng are on display in Griffith College’s campus on the South Circular Road, Dublin 8. The group were given a selection of keywords to build the creations, these included; multi-cultural, colour, abstract, journey, dreams, student life, pattern, empowerment, knowledge and freedom.

Head of the Design Faculty at Griffith College Deirdre Doherty said, "We are delighted to welcome our Design Communications, Fashion and Interior learners back on campus. We’re operating practical sessions face to face while adhering to all social distancing guidelines and government advice.”