Future Proof Your IT and Office Skills at Griffith College City Centre

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

This 24-week course gives you the essentials for your career.

In the fast-paced environment of the modern workplace, employers have little or no time to train staff in computer literacy or office skills. With the best will in the world, employees are often left to “get on with it” following minimal induction.

Self-taught techniques have considerable benefits (anybody who has lost a document they spent hours working on will never forget to “save as they go” going forward). On the other hand, the day you seek to amend a document originally created or formatted by someone self-taught is the day you gain a new respect and appreciation for the value of formally learning IT applications and touch typing.

Griffith College City Centre has devised a 24-week course teaching the essentials of touch typing, Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Access/Outlook and Social Media, along with general office procedures and skills. We have recruited an amazingly talented and experienced course tutor, Kim Murphy, who will guide students through the syllabus with an approachable manner and a confidence-inspiring attitude.

This course is suited to:

  • graduates seeking a practical skillset to complement their academic background
  • people returning to work following a sabbatical
  • people seeking to cross from the hospitality or retail sector into a corporate environment
  • those already working in an office environment seeking to upskill for promotion purposes

Touch Typing

Learning to touch type has huge lifetime benefits. It takes the frustration out of creating large documents and increases speed and accuracy. It goes hand-in-hand with ergonomic working, cutting down on the risk of RSI and general aches and pains caused by incorrect posture and technique.

Computer Literacy & Applied Information Technology

Whether you work from home, for a small or fledgeling company, or at a large multinational conglomerate, you will need to be competent on various technological devices with reasonable computer literacy. Enhancing your computer literacy will make you significantly more marketable to employers.

Understanding Applied Information Technology is a foundation on which you can find employment, and build your skillset as you work. It is a must for developing your career.

Digital Communications

The modern workplace relies on email for internal and external communications. Invoicing is generally done via email attachments. Companies advertise extensively through social media. This course teaches the fundamentals of social media and effective communications - the “do’s and don’ts” in the workplace.

The Applied IT and Office Skills course will begin in early November, on Monday evenings from 18:30 to 21.30.

Have questions? Contact Griffith College City Centre by email or at 01 4150443.

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