Griffith College to Accept Applications for its Spring Intake

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Spring Intake

This upcoming spring, Griffith College will once again offer a spring intake. Our spring intake allows students and professionals alike to get a headstart in the year and enrol in classes in February, rather than waiting until September.

How is spring intake structured?

During the spring intake, courses range anywhere from accounting to journalism, offering an option for everyone. Classes offer a full-time or a part-time basis and include blended and online options, making it easy to fit into an already busy schedule. Griffith College is Ireland’s largest independent third-level institution, therefore we have four campuses where our courses are available: Dublin Main, City Centre, Limerick, and Cork. This gives students a lot of flexibility regarding where their home base is.

Who can take spring intake courses?

Whether you are an undergraduate student wanting to learn something new, a working professional looking to enhance your specific skills, or a stay-at-home parent who wants to get back to work, Griffith’s spring intake offers something perfect for you.

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