Griffith College turns purple to mark International Intersex Solidarity Day

Griffith College will be lighting up purple on November 8th to mark International Intersex Solidarity Day.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Griffith College Turns Purple

Griffith College will join a slew of historic landmarks, government buildings, and educational institutions across the island of Ireland that will be lighting up purple on November 8th to mark International Intersex Solidarity Day.


What is Intersex?


Intersex people are born with bodies that do not fit the typical definitions of male or female. According to the United Nations (UN) around 1.7% of the global population is intersex and in many countries, intersex children are subjected to unnecessary surgery and treatment to try to make their bodies appear more male or female, causing terrible physical, psychological and emotional pain and ultimately, violating their human rights.


Raise Awareness


The #IrelandTurnsPurple campaign co-ordinated by the Intersex Mapping Study at Dublin City University (DCU) has been launched to raise awareness of and show support for the intersex community. Sara Philips, Chair of Intersex Ireland said: “International Intersex Day of Solidarity marks an opportunity to start a long-overdue conversation about the way individuals with intersex variations are treated in Ireland. It is a discussion that has never been had here. Society needs to wake up and recognise that we do not all fit neatly into the binary. Intersex Ireland provides support, education and advocates for our human rights and bodily autonomy.”


Solidarity and Support


Announcing the news on Intersex Awareness Day (Monday, October 26th), Dr. Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, DCU School of Law & Government, highlighted the significance of organisations across Ireland publicly committing their support to raise awareness of intersex. Dr. Tanya Ní Mhuirthile said, “For too long intersex people have been invisible in Ireland and abroad. This invisibility has come at a significant cost for our intersex family, friends and fellow citizens. We invite everyone to join our #IrelandTurnsPurple campaign in a powerful show of solidarity and support with the intersex community in Ireland - north and south - and around the world on November 8th. This represents an important step towards ending the secrecy, silence, shame and stigma which surrounds intersex.”