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Griffith Design Lecturer Wins 2020 IDI Award

Griffith College is proud to announce three student nominations and a win for our design lecturer at the 2020 IDI (Institute of Designers in Ireland) Awards.
IDI Award Winning Project, 'Love Birds' Embroidery Work

2020 IDI Awards

Griffith College’s Fashion Design lecturer, Jill Burke, has won the Fashion & Textiles category at the 2020 IDI Awards.

'Love Birds'

Jill’s winning project, ‘Love Birds’, is a very intricate and bespoke piece of contemporary embroidery. Passionate about holding on to traditional textile work, Jill created pieces such as wedding dresses and veils for clients, using contemporary high-end Irish embroidery. Each piece created is meant to be an heirloom, cherished as a keepsake, and steeped in symbolism. While creating this project, it was very important for Jill to stress the importance of sustainability, in a world where fast fashion is ever-present. The result of Jill’s pieces is products that weave traditional techniques into a more contemporary design; a product that will last for generations to come.

Griffith Students Shortlisted

Furthermore, several Griffith Design students have been shortlisted for other IDI awards. Bethaney Woolley, Aisling Fitzgibbon and Lijie Yan all submitted their projects into Griffith’s annual Creative Show, and then to the IDI Awards. 

On behalf of all the staff and learners in the Design Faculty, a big congratulations to Jill Burke for winning at the 2020 IDI Awards.

Jill Burke’s ‘Love Birds’ can be viewed here, or view her personal Instagram.