Griffith Student Takes Home Video Journalist of the Year Award

Griffith’s Brendan Morris wins big at the 2021 Smedias.

Friday, June 25, 2021

2021 Student National Media Awards

The 2021 Student National Media Awards (SMEDIAs) were held virtually on June 2. One of Griffith College's students, Brendan Morris, received the Video Journalist of the Year award.

"I wasn't sure I was going to win. Although I was very proud of the work I made, I knew it was very different and didn't fit into the usual formula of video journalism. I didn't know how that nuanced approach to video journalism would be perceived, but it's good to know it went over well!" Morris exclaimed, regarding his piece titled: How Reddit Took on Wall Street: A Beginners Guide.

Morris talked about his journey in video content, and his plans for his future. "I plan to keep making video-journalistic content for as long as I can! I post this type of content about every two months on my YouTube channel, and in all avenues I see my life going in, getting a job, moving to another country, etc. the common feature of them all is that I will continue to produce these types of videos."

Brendan is currently a Media and Journalism student at Griffith’s Dublin campus, studying in our BA (HONS) Communications & Media Production course. "I feel like I've hit the jackpot in college picking. The faculty and community at Griffith have really encouraged me to pursue my goals in video journalism in a way that I can tell the stories in the most authentic and creative way I can. I'm so happy to be doing this course."

Watch Brendan's award-winning video