Keep an Eye on the Future of Work

Griffith College keeps an eye on the future

The world of work is changing rapidly.

A recent Oxford University report indicated that more than 40% of jobs are likely to be automated by 2030. The World Economic Forum, meanwhile, advises that 65% of children entering primary school today will ultimately end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. 

It is clear that technological advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics and big data will lead to increasing levels of automation, affecting a wide range of job sectors. Those roles or tasks requiring significant levels of repetition will likely be most affected.

The good news comes from research firm Gartner, which advises that by 2020, artificial intelligence will create more jobs than it eliminates. While AI is expected to eliminate as many as 1.8 million jobs, it will create as many as 2.3 million. 

So how can students and working professionals prepare themselves to cope with such an environment, and ensure they are well-placed to grow and flourish in their careers?

The answer lies in soft and transferable skills. Competencies such as resilience, communication skills, emotional intelligence and understanding organisational psychology will be critical to ensure people have choice and opportunity throughout their careers.

At Griffith College, our small class sizes ensure students receive more individual attention and mentoring to enable the development of transferable skills. Our lecturers are practitioners, working in their industries. They are aware of the latest trends in their sectors, but also how to apply the theories learned in the classroom within a real-life business setting.

Keep an eye on the future with Griffith College.

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