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LSMD Online Traditional Irish Music exam success

Image of a violin and bow on a dark background
Abi Snell in 2019 with her music teacher and her Level 3 Certificate

An American student of LSMD has earned her Level 4 certificate with incredible results.

One year after becoming the youngest holder of a Level 3 certificate, eleven-year-old Abi Snell has again achieved remarkable results in her Online Traditional Irish Music Exam.

Abi, who lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, earned 95 points out of a possible 100 in her online fiddle exam. She was awarded First Class Honours and a silver medal. Abi regularly busks around town, using her tip money to pay for lessons and instruments.

Launched in 2016, the online examinations enable students all over the world to develop their skills in Irish traditional music. LSMD examiner Catriona Grimes said of Abi’s exam, “Abigail had such a flair for the music. It was a lovely choice of programme overall for the exam, and she enjoyed Abigail’s interpretation very much.”

Congratulations to Abi from all of us here at Griffith!