Newsdays at our Faculty of Journalism and Media Communications!

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The Faculty of Journalism and Media Communications, masters and postgraduate students actively participate in regular 'Newsdays', an initiative designed to enhance their practical experience and industry exposure. During these Newsdays, students participate in preparation for and attendance at press conferences hosted by various non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies. 



Our students have been privileged to welcome guests throughout the current semester, including Mary Hayes (on the left), Project Lead for 'Too Into You' at Women’s Aid, and Sussane Rogers, the Research and Policy Analyst at Social Justice Ireland. Additionally, Conor Culkin, Communications Officer from Focus Ireland, and Gareth Redmond, Research and Policy Officer at Threshold, have also contributed to our educational endeavours.


These sessions cater specifically to our students, offering a unique platform for them to participate actively. Each student is encouraged to ask questions, take notes, and engage in online research. Following the press conferences, students are granted until 5:00 pm on the same day to craft and publish their articles online. 

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This exercise not only refines their skills in generating industry-standard news reports but also serves as a practical preparation for their transition into the professional landscape post-college. The immersive nature of these Newsdays provides invaluable experiences that contribute significantly to their overall development as media and journalism professionals.