Students Welcomed on Campus with Griffith Fest for Induction Day

Griffith Fest

Griffith College Dublin's induction days took place this month to give students a warm welcome on campus.

The event which included games, entertainment, information and introductions, was aptly named Griffith Fest. 

The first of the induction days took place on September 14th. The day-long event kicked off with a welcome from Dr Tomas Mac Eochagain, Director of Academic Programmes and President Diarmuid Hegarty.

This was followed by a talk on student life including information on the Student Union, the Student Activities team and over student services. 

After the introductions and talks, students headed to the college restaurant to enjoy food, drink and treats. Various departments also had stalls set up for anyone who may have any questions.

Next on the agenda was fun and games on the college green, with everything from circus performers to facepaint, giant Jenga and an ice cream truck.

The second induction day took place on September 28th with the same warm welcome for new students. 

Students were also treated to a performance from Jack Wise, a magician, comedian and sword-swallower who made sure to keep everyone entertained with audience participation.

After the magic show, students were paired up and set off on a scavenger hunt which gave them an opportunity to get to know the campus and their new classmates and friends.

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