Watch the livestream of our 7 speakers as they discuss their perspective on and stories about fear.

Friday, March 31, 2017

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<p>Before Christmas, we announced that our students are launching a TEDxGriffithCollege.&nbsp;</p>

<h2 class="body-t2">So, what is TEDx?</h2>

<p>TEDx is part of the overall TED 'ideas worth spreading' movement but is independently organised at a local level. There have been 50 TEDx events in Dublin alone since 2009!&nbsp;</p>

<p>Here are some stats from the worldwide TEDx events:</p>

<li>Over 13,000 events have happened around the world</li>
<li>3,174 cities around the world have hosted one or more TEDx events</li>
<li>173 countries have hosted one or more TEDx events</li>
<li>TEDx talks have been viewed over 500 million times on YouTube</li>

<h2 class="body-t2">TEDxGriffithCollege</h2>

<p>As avid watchers of TED talks, we're delighted to be hosting a TEDx this evening, March 31st. The theme of TEDxGriffithCollege is '<em>Beyond (Your) Fear</em>', which is a topic a lot of people could relate to.</p>

<p>Looking at different aspects of fear, we have a varied line-up of speakers:</p>

<li>Rob Lipsett - Personal Trainer and Vlogger</li>
<li>Ellen Keane - Paralympic Swimmer</li>
<li>Paul Devaney - Seven Summits</li>
<li>Oisín Scollard - turn2me.org</li>
<li>Paul Hayes - Start-Up Wakes</li>
<li>Karl O'Connor - The Nightmare Realm</li>
<li>Mia Christina Döring - Psychotherapist&nbsp;</li>

<p>If you would like to get in touch with the TEDxGriffithCollege team, you can find them here:</p>

<li>Website: <a href="http://tedx.griffith.ie/" target="_blank">tedx.griffith.ie</a></li>
<li>Facebook: <a href="https://www.facebook.com/TEDxGriffithCollege/" target="_blank">TEDxGriffithCollege</a></li>
<li>Twitter: <a href="http://twitter.com/TedxGriffith1" target="_blank">@TEDxGriffith1</a></li>