Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion


Griffith College EDI Statement of Commitment

Griffith College is committed to supporting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) for all staff and learners in every area of their campus experience. We value equality, diversity and inclusion in all aspects of the College’s activities, and across each of its constituent campuses, as a significant contribution to good governance, providing a positive learner and staff experience for all.

This commitment is wholeheartedly supported by the board of directors, academic and professional council, and college management and staff. It allows us to grow a diverse and inclusive workplace and learning environment which promotes equal opportunities and success for all. It also requires the continued evaluation and development of our policies, procedures and institutional culture to meet our EDI commitment and aspirations.

Our EDI commitment encompasses all nine grounds of equality, including gender, civil status, family status, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion, and membership of the Traveller community.

Griffith College commits to:

  • Champion understanding and respect for equality, diversity and inclusion among our staff and learners.
  • Reflect equality, diversity and inclusion in our systems, processes, operations and management structures.
  • Ensure access, progression and development opportunities on an equal basis for all.
  • Establish and use teaching and assessment pedagogies that recognise and support EDI.
  • Actively participate in, and champion, national and international EDI initiatives.
  • Disseminate and support emerging best practice for learners and staff in relation to EDI.


The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Working Group

Griffith College has established a dedicated Working Group to support, inform and develop the college’s EDI culture. The Working Group reports directly into the Academic and Professional Council (APC) and the Management Board. This allows developments to be considered and adopted as opportunities present, and requirements are identified.

The EDI Working Group is comprised of both staff and learner representatives and can be contacted via: [email protected]