Creative Studios

As part of your course programme and assignments at Griffith College, you’ll have the opportunity to produce a range of media products in radio, photography, video and other media. This will allow you to explore each aspect, perfect your skills and gain valuable experience which you can apply in a real-world setting after you graduate. 

Each piece you create can be added to your portfolio, give you experience working as part of a busy team and the enjoyment of creating something special you can be proud of.

At Griffith College, we have an On-campus radio station where you can learn and practice your newfound skills. We also have two broadcasting studios (one on-air and one off-air), four photographic studios, two dark rooms and one Mac room for editing and scanning. We also have a Print Finish Room, complete with two Epson Stylus Pro 4900’s.

For learning about broadcasting and creating videos, we have one TV and video studio as well as a sound engineering studio, two multimedia production rooms and two processing rooms.