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It is our policy to make as many of our services available online as possible to facilitate part-time students, lifelong learning, and students wishing to work from home.

In 2002 we became the first Library of an Independent College in Ireland to provide online access to our catalogue and we will continue innovating in line with the needs of our users. We also have a number of online multimedia tutorials to assist students in sourcing materials for their studies. Among the most important services available to a third level student is access to research and journal articles, and last year we vastly increased our access to quality journals. 

Whether you are a new or returning student, we recommend that you check out these new information resources available through Moodle. You will now be able to do your coursework more quickly, more thoroughly, and with more up to date and relevant information. The information world changes and we change too, throughout the year.

Library catalogue

Students are encouraged to make use of the catalogue to search through the resources of the library and to be proactive in sourcing their own material, but remember the issue desk staff are always there to help and offer support.

Online Catalogue

Online resources

To access our online resources you need to login to Moodle using your student number as your username and date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) as your password. To find the resources best suited to your study area, select your faculty from the list provided. You will then have access to the login information for all the resources available to you.
If you experience any problems with accessing these resources please do not hesitate to contact the library or to ask a member of staff at the issue desk for help.

Electronic resources include:


How do I find a book in the Library?

Students are encouraged to make use of the catalogue to search through the resources of the library and to be proactive in sourcing their own material, but the issue desk staff are there to help and offer support.
There is a dedicated OPAC computer located beside the photocopiers and the catalogue is also available online at, or you can follow the links to it through Moodle.

How do I use the catalogue?

Key in the name of the book, or the author or a combination of search terms to find the book or subject area of your choice. Note that the authors name should be written with the surname first. eg: Attwood, Margaret. The main thing to remember when searching is not to be overly specific, simple one or two word searches tend to yield the best results. If too many results to comfortably browse through are offered you can then fill in another field. Each book has been catalogued with a specific number to enable you to locate its exact location on the shelf. Books of a similar subject are located near to each other, however, be aware that when searching for a book or a particular topic it may not be catalogued as you might expect so be sure to always refer to the library catalogue and make a note of the correct location. If there is a green tick next to the title the book should be in the library, if there is a red tick it is out on loan, and you can ask to reserve it.

What do the numbers and letters refer to in the catalogue?

Each area is referred to by its own code in the library:

  • DUB = The main shelves in the Dublin campus where the text books are kept
  • RR1 = Reading room 1. The main study room
  • RR2 = Reading room 2. The small study room at the very end of the library
  • LOB = Lobby. The small reference area between the two study rooms
  • DIS = Display shelves The black shelves where the journals are displayed in the first section of the library
  • ISS = Issue desk This refers to the main library issue desk. This is used mainly for reference material only, where students will leave their student cards with staff behind the issue desk while they borrow a book/interlibrary loan
  • GCC = Griffith College Cork Library
  • SNMCI = St. Nicholas Montessori College Library
    If a student requires a book that is held in Griffith College Cork or SNMCI we can organise an inter-library loan with them In addition to specific areas, you will notice other codes when looking up the library catalogue, these refer to particular kinds of material/texts etc.
  • OPUB = Official publications.
  • MUS = Music. This refers to the sheet music, which is found in the glass cabinets in the main study room (RR1)
  • QREF = Dictionaries
  • DVD = Films 
  • DVD DOC = Documentary films
  • DVD TV = TV box sets

How do I get a student / library card?

You can apply for a student card through, you will need to upload a photo there when you are registering, though you can upload at a later date if necessary. If you need a replacement card you can email [email protected] to let them know.

Please note that if you do not upload your photo for the start of term, you will need to email to let them know that you have uploaded your photo and request them to print your card, don’t forget to quote your student number.

Student cards are available for collection at the library issue desk.

How do I borrow/return Library items?

You will need a copy of your student card to borrow from the library. You can return books at the library issue desk or drop them into the returns box outside the library door.

You can return books at the issue desk or in the book returns box just outside the library.

How many items can I borrow from the Library?

  • Undergraduate - 6 items
  • Masters - 8 items

Are there fines for overdue books? 

The following fines apply for overdue loans:

  • Long Term Books: 50 cent per day for overdue items
  • Short Term Books: €1.50 per day for overdue items
  • DVDs: €1.50 per day for overdue items

Any borrower with a fine on their card will not be able to borrow until the fine is cleared. In the case of very overdue books, further penalties may apply.

Please note: All fines must be paid using student smart cards and not cash. 

How long can I keep an item?

Borrowings rights vary depending on your course.

Full Time (Undergraduate)

  • Long Term Items - 2 Weeks
  • Short Term Items - 2 Days

(Items borrowed on a Thursday or Friday can be kept until the following Monday).

Part Time          

  • Long Term Items - 2 Weeks
  • Short Term Items - 1 Week


  • Long Term Items - 1 Month
  • Short Term Items - 1 Week

DVDs/Videos - 1 Week.

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