Griffith College Dublin Undergraduate Tuition Fees

Tuition Fees

Annual tuition fees for undergraduate programmes at Griffith College Dublin are €12,000.

Scholarships and Bursaries

There are two categories of scholarships and bursaries available to Griffith College Dublin applicants - a Griffith College Dublin (GCD) Bursary and an Academic Merit Scholarship (AMS).

The GCD Bursary is awarded to each applicant who is successful in being offered a place on a Griffith College Dublin programme.

The Academic Merit Scholarship (AMS) is an additional scholarship which is offered to students who demonstrate a strong academic performance at the time of application. 

Scholarships are awarded to applicants at the time of admission to Griffith College Dublin and are applicable in each year of study where a learner progresses from one year of a programme to the next.  

Please note: Scholarships will not apply to modules/years of study that are being repeated.

Additional Annual Fees

These are known as R.I.A.P. Fees.

Registration Fee €250 Compulsory fee each academic year.
International Student Support Fee €200 Compulsory fee each academic year.
Protection of Enrolled Learner Fee


Compulsory fee each academic year calculated as 2% of total tuition fee, plus registration fee before scholarship.

Protection of Enrolled Learner Fee: This charge is incurred to finance arrangements required under Part 6 of the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act, 2012 to ensure the protection of enrolled learners.

Griffith College Dublin Bursary

The GCD Bursary is awarded to each successful applicant. The bursary varies per faculty of study.

Faculty GCD Bursary Amount
Faculty of Business €1500
Faculty of Computing Science €1500
Faculty of Journalism & Media* €1000
Faculty of Design* €1000
Faculty of Law €1000
Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science €1000

*The following programmes, run in conjunction with Pulse College, do not qualify for either the standard GCD Bursary or the AMS. Applicants will be awarded a Griffith College Dublin Bursary of €500.

  • BA (Hons) in Music Production
  • BA (Hons) in Audio and Music Technology
  • BA in Animation

Academic Merit Scholarship (AMS)

In addition to GCD Bursary, students demonstrating strong academic performance may be eligible for an additional Academic Merit Scholarship (AMS). The AMS has 3 levels which are outlined in the table below. The requisite achievement for each level of AMS award will be country-specific.

AMS Level Scholarship Illustrative Grade Value
AMS Level 1 €500 60%+ average in highest level of education to date
AMS Level 2 €1000 70%+ average in highest level of education to date
AMS Level 3 €1500 80%+ average in highest level of education to date and an English proficiency level of IELTS 6.5 or equivalent

Please note: Scholarships will not apply to modules/years of study that are being repeated.

Additional Once Off Fee - QQI Award Fee

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI), under the auspices of the Irish Department of Education and Skills, approves Griffith College programmes and awards its degrees. QQI Awards incur a QQI Award Fee. This QQI Award Fee is only charged in an award year (i.e. the final year of the programme) at the level indicated below. This fee will be in addition to fees mentioned above.

If you are not joining a degree programme in the final year, you will not be liable to pay this QQI Award Fee until you are registering for your final year.

QQI Award Fee

Level 6: €100
Level 7: €150
Level 8: €200

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is offered to students before the commencement of their academic programme. Classes are delivered in 5-week blocks and students normally take a minimum of 15 weeks/3 x 5-week blocks.

The tuition fee for each 15-week block of EAP is €2,000 and additional blocks are priced according to the table below.

A special rate of €500 will apply for the Summer Semester (June – August).

An additional fee of €250 is payable for an external mandatory end of programme exam e.g. IELTS

English language tuition fees must be paid together with the academic tuition fees.

No. of Weeks EURO (€)
15 weeks 2000.00
20 weeks 2800.00
25 weeks 3500.00
30 weeks 4000.00
35 weeks 4800.00
40 weeks 5500.00
45 weeks 6000.00

So, what is my fee?

Example: If a student is applying for first year entry to the BA in Business Studies programme at Griffith College Dublin with a final high school grade average of 75%^, their total tuition fees would be as follows:

Tuition Fees:          €12,000
GCD Bursary:       -€  1,500
AMS Level 2:        -€  1,000
R.I.A.P. Fee:           €      795
Total Fee:              €10,295

^For illustrative purposes only.

If you have any further queries or are looking for additional information, please contact the International Office at [email protected].


Medical Insurance

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