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5 tips for surviving your first year in college

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This is the start of the rest of your life, you’re finally in college, it’s time to socialise, make friends for life, get a degree and then move on to get a great job. Right? Well first you need to understand what the hell Harvard Referencing is, and why you have to take a module that has no relevance to what you’re doing, oh and you have to do two dozen assignments and around 5 exams…

Your first year can be tough, it can be hard to adjust to the way of 3rd level, but listen to these 5 tips and you can add them to your plan of attack.

Take note of your assignment deadlines

Whether you have an iPad, laptop, or a good old fashion pen and paper, make sure you chalk down your assignment deadline dates. Keeping a record of these crucial times will help to plan out your assignment plans, on that note:

Create assignment plans

Create a schedule of all your assignments, and draw out a plan to complete them. A way to approach it is to prioritise assignments that have a closer deadline, and look to research for assignments that have further deadlines before putting pen to paper. Always dedicate a certain amount of time per day to assignments, whether you're physically writing one or just researching.  

Make Friends

It’s not all about studies, make sure you go out and socialise. Become close with classmates, attend student union events and trips, join a society or sports team, heck, just hit the town with a few of your old school friends. Keeping close to friends will keep you sane and let you escape the reality of your new college life for a minute, but it’ll also allow you to appreciate the position you're in, a student!

Get a Hobby

Did you play football in school? Or did you horse ride? Try stick with it through college. Like having friends, a hobby is crucial to just kicking back and relaxing, but unlike having friends, having a hobby can be like meditation, it allows you to lose yourself in an activity that doesn't involve anything but you. This can be a crucial release to have throughout your college year.

Stay close to the family

Put it on your to do list to have a talk with your mam and dad. Make it a priority to go visit your grandparents or your cousin. Keeping close to your family is a life tip rather than a first year of college survival tip, but during this big change in your life, it's important to stay grounded and stay close to your roots. Besides, your family will always be there for you.

These 5 tips might help you survive your first year in college, but honestly, you’ll have a blast. Regardless. Good Luck Fresher!

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