The Advantages of a Education and Training Qualification from Griffith College

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With the new term about to commence, our training and education department are delighted to invite you to learn more of the benefits of having a qualification in this growing area.

1.Professional Qualification

When the course is completed you will receive a professional qualification enhancing your opportunities to work as a lecturer or trainer in post compulsory education. There is a growing appetite for educators and trainers to have a professional qualification. The course is level 9 on the national framework.  

2.Block Release

The block release delivery of the course will allow you to continue with your day to day activities. With classes taking place once a month on a Friday and Saturday, students are able to continue working in a training and education environment or in their current employment.  The postgraduate diploma is completed in one year while masters take two academic years.

3.Practical and Applied Approach

The structure of the programme along with the requirement of teaching experience allows the learner to incorporate the learnings from the masters into their classes. This practical approach allows the learner to use reflective thinking when designing a programme or to research for their masters. The block release also aids this. Students can trial out new theories and engage with other learners in their class. This allows them to discuss results and find the best options for their teaching environment.


With learners of the programmes from many different institutions and training sectors you will gain a large number of contacts in the education and training sector. This allows you to network successfully, and in the future facilitates you collaborating with colleagues on presenting academic papers or documents. This can also create further work opportunities. The faculty prides itself in its contact with students and often hosts events that allow students to return and maintain the expanding network.

5.Online Resources

The college has a large collection of online resources coupled with exposing students to leading edge technology which is important in all modern teaching and training environments, this will allow you to engage with the most update with the leading technologies; allowing you to experience systems, created with the modern class room in mind. This is especially evident in our classes for Technology Enabled Learning where our tutors will take you step by step through the technological tools that have been created to keep your class interactive and engaging.

 For further information on these programmes please contact [email protected], why not create an appointment to visit the faculty and see how these programmes will work for you. 

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