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The Benefits of Attending a College Open Day

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Looking for more information on college courses? Or maybe you’re still not sure what you want to do? I know I wasn’t. If you’ve answered yes to either of these then attending a college open day is perfect for you. Open days are a fantastic way to get really valuable information about any college or course you're thinking of attending.

You’ll find that many colleges offer the same courses, so who do you choose and why? A walk around campus and a chat with college lecturers and students can benefit you so much more than just reading a prospectus or website. Open days are where you’ll find the answers to what the text doesn’t cover. There are many benefits to attending college open days, here are just a few.

Explore the campus & the local area

Open days are the perfect opportunity to explore the campus and see what the college lecture rooms, library, restaurants, student accommodation and other facilities have to offer. Getting a tour of the campus allows you to familiarise yourself with the college and imagine what it would be like to be a college student. You can also check out what the local area has to offer and if there is suitable public transport nearby for your commute.

Course Information and Advice

You can speak to lecturers and current students to get more of an insight into your chosen courses. You get to sit in on talks by the lecturers, this will give you a taste of what the courses offer in terms of subjects and opportunities for progression after you’ve finished. After chatting if you find a course isn’t what you thought it was, then feel free to talk to other lecturers and see if you can find something new. After all, that’s what open days are for, to get as much information as possible.

Meet your peers

Open days are a great time to start making friends. You’ll get to mix with people who have similar interests to you. Making friends before you start can make your first day less daunting, I know this from experience, a familiar face on your first day will really help settle any nerves you might have about starting college.

We host regular open days, giving you plenty of opportunities to visit our four campuses in Dublin (South Circular Road and City Centre), Cork and Limerick.

Visit us at our series of Open Days!

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