Does Blended Learning Work?

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Blended Learning is a distinct mode of study that combines the freedom of online learning with the opportunity to interact with your lecturer and peers like a traditional student. In a Blended Learning programme, you will do the majority of your work online. This includes watching lecture videos, completing tasks to assess your understanding of the content, and logging-in to regular evening webinars to discuss the material and any questions you may have with your peers. This will generally be supported by one day a month spent on-campus, usually a Saturday, in which you will meet with your lecturer and fellow students to review and practice the material.

Why Blended Learning?

This hybrid model of study is designed to engage you with a variety of content types. The online materials, including the lectures and webinars, are meant to mimic a real classroom. You watch your lectures regularly and address any questions you have during the webinar and on-campus days.

This variety in content delivery is also meant to leverage different learning styles so you have ample opportunity to get the most out of your education. This programme works well for students who prefer a variety of learning styles, including verbal through lectures, visual through webinars, and physical through on-campus days. Online lectures cater to solitary learners while webinars and in-class days cater to social learners.

The on-campus day also gives your lecturer a chance to gauge your and the rest of your class’s understanding of the material so they can adjust future curriculum accordingly. You will never be left behind in the Blended Learning environment as you will have multiple opportunities to understand the material and discuss any problems you are having with your lecturer and class.

Does Blended Learning work?

The short answer is, “it depends”. Like with any other mode of study, a Blended Learning programme will work for some people and will not work for others. Your success rests on your ability to stay organised and put in the work, just like it does in any other degree programme.

Blended Learning is meant to be an accessible and engaging form of education that offers you flexibility in the completion of your work while also allowing you face-to-face time with your class and lecturer. Blended Learning works for those who cannot attend college full-time but still want to experience being an on-campus student and are willing to work hard for their degree.

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