Doing an MBA - What are the benefits? Part 1

Doing an MBA in 2015

What are the benefits of doing an MBA? If you want to take your career to the next level, challenge yourself and avail of the potential salary perks then here’s how studying an MBA can help. 

Gaining from the challenge 

It’s fair to say that doing an MBA is no easy task. It’s an intense, demanding and academically rigorous programme. You need to invest a lot of yourself and your time. If you do embark on this journey, what can you expect to gain personally and professionally?

Better job prospects

An increasing number of employers are looking for candidates with this qualification. Last May a survey revealed that 84% of companies worldwide want to hire people with a master’s degree in business. Gathering responses from nearly 750 employers in 47 countries, the survey also highlighted that 56% of European employers, hiring a candidate with an MBA is integral to their recruitment strategy. 

Having an MBA will allow you to stand out in the market. You’ll develop your management skills and become the kind of talented individual who is in demand. Top MBA employers in 2015 include huge international brands like Google, Amazon, Apple, and Disney. Amazon prizes innovation and considers MBAs

"a pipeline of future leaders for the company"

says vice president Susan Harker.

Hear from Alan Lynch, joint head of our Graduate Business School, on the benefits of completing a Master's of Business Administration Degree with Griffith College:



Salary potential for MBA graduates

In addition to a rise in employment, MBA graduates are also projected to see a pay increase with many companies saying they will raise the starting salary. Recent graduates can expect to earn around $100,000, which is almost double what the average college graduate will make.

New analysis from the Financial Times showed that up to 31% of the world's top companies are led by MBA graduates. About 40% of S&P 500 CEOs have an MBA, in any given year. 

Benefit to you and your current company

Doing an MBA programme will show your current employer your commitment to the company and your ambitions beyond your current role. You are a proactive person who wants to take on more responsibility, learn and grow.
Many of our students have found that their employers have encouraged them to get real-world application out of what they are learning. This will be great from a career perspective, with the projects associated with each module you can apply the learning to your day job. You can demonstrate your skills and new ideas from early on in your studies. The college projects assigned may also put you in contact with higher-level managers in the company and help you stand out in annual reviews. 

Are you ready for the challenge? 

The MBA programme will be a key stepping stone to your continued career success. Graduates are in high demand, with bright futures ahead in some of the world’s most interesting companies. 

Keep an eye out next Monday for part 2 of our MBA series.

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