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Five reasons why studying law at Griffith College is the right choice for you

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If you’re thinking about a career in law - then Griffith College just might be the best choice for you. Studying law at Griffith College means you will come out with a qualification that is recognised all around the world as well as by all the top legal firms in Ireland and abroad. A legal qualification from Griffith College can lead to a career as a solicitor or barrister as well as careers in government, charities and humanitarian organisations.

We know that this is busy time and you are probably sick of Googling ‘law courses in Ireland’ or ‘what’s the best law course for me?’ but we’re here to tell you about the experience of what studying law at Griffith College is like. Hopefully it’ll help you decide what law course is right for you this year.

1 - You’ll be taught by people with hands-on experience

At Griffith College our focus is providing our law students with an education that will help them secure their dream legal career. Our lecturers are practising solicitors and barristers who work in our courts every single day.

They impart the knowledge that will benefit you in a real way in the workplace. You won’t be learning case law just for the sake of it - instead you’ll see how that knowledge can be used in real-life legal settings.

2 - You can get credit for working at The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project at Griffith College is an organisation dedicated to overturning cases which involved miscarriages of justice in the past. Griffith College is the only college in Ireland where students can receive credits for working on The Innocence Project. Students can work with The Innocence Project, helping to overturn wrongful convictions, and because you are being supervised by qualified legal professionals and caseworkers - your work will count towards your degree. Griffith College is the only college in Ireland where you can do such work.

3 - There are a whole host of extra-curricular activities to enjoy

As well as a top-class learning environment, there are also lots of chances for you to enjoy some life-changing experiences at Griffith College. Every year, law students get the chance to become Brehon Scholars - where they travel to the US and gain experience of the American legal system. Students get the chance to work in the US courts, go on ride-alongs with SWAT teams and experience an entirely new legal system from the inside.

On top of the Brehon scholars, Griffith College law students are involved in moot court competitions, debating competitions and get the chance to meet legal personalities at our regular guest lecture events.

4 - Small class sizes means you will get the attention you deserve

At Griffith College, the attention each student gets is a paramount concern for all our lecturers and staff. Students appreciate the fact that our small class sizes mean that they develop real and lasting relationships with their lecturers. If there’s a query or a case that you just can’t get your head around - then our lecturers are always happy to help.

We’ve had students transfer from other institutions where they simply felt lost in large classes with over 150 students. That approach is something you won’t find at Griffith College Law School. Instead, you’ll meet lecturers and staff that will guide you through your legal career. 

5 - You’ll gain a qualification that will open doors in your career

Once you finish your law degree at Griffith College - the world really is your oyster. We have graduates in all the big law firms in Ireland - from trainee solicitors going through the FE1s to associates and senior solicitors. We’ve also have many graduates doing their King’s Inns exams. Legal graduates from Griffith College are also working in Dáil Eireann, the European Union, tech companies like Facebook and Google as well as in legal practices all over Ireland and Europe.

Want to find out more about our law courses at Griffith College

If you are thinking about a career in law, then studying at Griffith College could provide the ideal springboard for you. Take a look at some of the courses on offer today. If you apply today, you could be studying by September or February!