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Griffith Induction Day 2015

4 min

Excited for the first semester? I know we are! This Thursday and Friday we’ll be having our induction day for our new full-time students. 

Where and When?

The induction kicks off at 10am in the Auditorium, which is located in the Academic Facilities Building.

What happens at induction?

Induction day is an opportunity for you to hear from key people in Griffith College. Between 10.45am and 11.30am you’ll get a general introduction to the college and will be introduced to the President and the Director of Academic Programmes.

At 11.30am, there’ll be a presentation from the Students’ Union. Clubs, societies and balls will be a large part of your social life while in college so it’s good to familiarise yourself with the Student Union committee and what they can do for you over the next year. Following that at 12pm there will be a talk from Student Welfare, informing you on the different services that are available to you. 

You’ll also get a tour of the campus, but you will rely on your map of the college for at least the first week.

Is there a specific induction for my course?

Glad you asked! After lunch, at 2pm there will be a Faculty Induction with Business, English, Journalism and EXCH / GAP on Thursday and Law, Engineering, Computing, Design, Music & Drama, Pharma and Graduate Business School on Friday.

At this induction, you’ll get to meet the people relevant to your course such as the head of faculty and programme director for your course. You’ll be introduced to Moodle, it’s our learning platform for notes and assignments, and receive your timetable for the semester.

Have a great time and if you have any questions please get in touch!

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