Ireland's Constitutional Evolution

ballot box

Ahead of the referendum on March 8th, Karen Sutton, Head of the Law Faculty here at Griffith College, recently wrote an informational piece on Ireland’s Constitutional Evolution and its collective conscience and commitment to progress for Business Plus' February 2024 edition. 

Karen Sutton


The Government of Ireland has approved two constitutional referendums scheduled for March 8, 2024, following the 2020-2021 Citizens’ Assembly on Gender Equality. The proposed amendments aim to broaden the concept of family by amending Article 41 (The Family) and removing text on the role of women in the home. Constitutional amendments in Ireland require public approval through referendums, highlighting the democratic principles and the significance of these changes. 

Previous referendums, such as those on marriage equality in 2015 and termination of pregnancy in 2018, have had profound societal implications, reflecting Ireland's commitment to inclusivity, and tolerance, and adapting its legal framework to align with evolving values.

To read the full article written for Business Plus February 2024 Edition, please follow this link.