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Plaque erected to mark proud Defence Force history at Griffith College

The history of Griffith College's Dublin campus stretches back 205 years - all the way to 1813. For a large part of that history, it was known as Griffith Barracks and was home to many Irish Defence Forces units. For many years, Griffith Barracks was under the command of the 2 Cavalry Unit and it was members of that very unit's Veterans Association who unveiled a plaque on the side of the O'Connell Building this weekend to commemorate the members of the Defence Forces who served in Griffith Barracks between 1922-1988.

Professor Diarmuid Hegarty, founder and President of Griffith College - which has been based at the site since 1991 - was present along with former members of the 2 Cavalry Unit to unveil the plaque. Col George Kerton, who was the former Commanding Officer of the 2 Cavalry unit formally unveiled the plaque at an event held at Griffith College on Saturday 15th of September - which marked the 30th anniversary of 2 Cavalry leaving Griffith Barracks.

Professor Hegarty said: "We are delighted to honour the Defence Forces here at Griffith College. As students from Ireland and indeed all over the world pass this plaque every day, they can be reminded of the outstanding service and bravery shown by their predecessors on campus. It is a proud and distinguished record and one that our students and staff can take inspiration from."

For anyone interested in the incredible 205-year history of the Griffith College campus - which not only hosted the Irish Defense Forces but was known as the Richmond Bridewell jail and housed such prisoners as Daniel O'Connell, James Stephens, Tom Steele and Thomas Francis Meagher - a historical tour of the college building will take place on Friday 21st September at 7pm as part of Culture Night! Click here for more details.