Why Study an ACCA Qualification with Griffith Professional Accountancy


When you study for an ACCA Qualification at Griffith Professional Accountancy, you will gain the skills and expertise that are highly sought after in a global job market. With over 50 years of teaching experience and multiple prize-winning students, you will experience first-hand how our comprehensive approach to ACCA preparation sets you up for success.

  • Experienced Faculty 

We are proud of our experienced and knowledgeable faculty members who support and guide our students to an enhanced learning experience.

  • Accredited Excellence

We are a platinum-accredited provider of ACCA Tuition, ensuring when you study with us your ACCA qualification holds international recognition.

  • Flexible Learning Modes

At Griffith Professional Accountancy, we understand our students and their needs to balance their studies with other commitments. We offer flexible learning options, such as part-time and online courses.

  • Exam Preparation 

We offer extensive exam preparation support, mock exams, and revision sessions to help our students feel fully prepared and confident before taking their ACCA examinations in person or via CBE.

  • Track Record of Success

Griffith Professional Accountancy has an impressive strong track record of producing successful ACCA graduates who succeed and excel in their careers. With over 116 ACCA 1st prize winners in Ireland and 9 in the world, you will be guaranteed to receive excellent supportive education.

Register today and find out why Griffith Professional Accountancy is the ultimate choice for your ACCA Exam Preparations by visiting: https://www.griffith.ie/faculties/griffith-professional-accountancy or contact our admission department on [email protected]