Cookie declaration

Cookie declaration

Cookie declaration

Griffith College uses cookies to make the user's experience personal to them. When the visitor accesses, they are presented with a cookies option. Users will have the opportunity to manage their preferences here, by selecting what category/categories of cookies they choose to accept.

This includes; use necessary cookies only, allow selection and allow all cookies. What the user chooses will be a personal choice and dictates the journey they encounter on the Griffith College website. Please see below an explanation of all three cookies.

  • Necessary cookies - These are essential for the user to browse the website and use its features securely. This could include filling out an application form or submitting personal information to a member of the team.
  • Allow selection - This allows the user to choose which cookies they wish to agree to and then submit their preferences
  • Allow all cookies - This choice will provide the user with the best experience via the Griffith College portal. This includes cookies that allow us to share your information with our third-party agencies when it is likely to benefit the visitor in areas such as social media and advertising

Users are entitled to manage their preferences and can withdraw their cookies consent at any time. According to European Law, we are legally allowed to position cookies on your device where they are necessary for the optimum functionality of the website.

It is important to remember that this consent is held against only.

Managing your preferences: