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Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship

Advanced Healthcare Assistant Practitioner Apprenticeship


Looking to progress your health care assistant career?

The programme you have been waiting for is arriving soon.

The Health Care Assistant Apprenticeship Higher Certificate is delivered through a carefully blended programme of classroom and workplace education and training. Apprentices are employed full time throughout the programme so they are earning while they are learning.

At the end of the programme, successful candidates will be able to operate autonomously within their scope of practice in the care sector under the direction of a registered healthcare practitioner.

This programme is funded by the Apprenticeship Council of Ireland as part of a new initiative Generation Apprenticeship which is a major expansion project to more than double the number of learners of all ages and backgrounds taking the apprenticeship route.

Why Study Health Care with Griffith College?

This programme is a culmination of a two-year development period, during which there was extensive consultation with the health care sector. It has been developed specifically for Health Care Assistants to provide them with a pathway from Further Education and Training (FET) at Level 5 to this programme at Higher Education and Training (HET) Level 6 and onward to degree programmes at level 7 and 8.

  • Griffith College is supported by a strong Consortium Steering Group made up of Health Care Assistants, the Alliance of HealthCare Assistants In Ireland, and high-profile representatives from the Private Hospitals Association, Nursing Home Ireland, and Home and Community Care Ireland.
  • Full third-level college campus resources are available to support apprentices.
  • Griffith College takes a holistic approach to learning, supporting apprentices throughout their apprenticeship programme through a network of academic success coaches.

The programme will provide a logical progression for Health Care Assistants who have completed the QQI FET level 5 awards to progress their career as a Health Care Assistant. The programme is aligned to recent developments for Health Care Assistants Internationally, particularly in the UK and Australia.

Benefits for Apprentices

  • Security of employment
  • Earning while you are learning Successful candidates receive a Higher Certificate in Healthcare Support Practice
  • Enhanced skillset
  • Pathway to a higher-paid role
  • Lifetime portfolio to evidence personal achievements
  • Progression routes to further education
  • Enhanced status in the healthcare team

Benefits for Employers

  • Key employee retention for the duration of the programme
  • Increased loyalty and motivation for apprentices to stay based on your investment in their training
  • Introduction of new knowledge, skills and competencies to your workplace with a movement towards becoming a learning organisation
  • Apprentices can bring fresh perspectives and dynamics to a team and share their new learning with colleagues
  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced quality of care
  • Marketing advantage in being able to show you are actively supporting staff training
  • Increased motivation in the healthcare team
  • Increased level of support for nursing staff

Course Highlights

  • Learn how to take responsibility for your own learning
  • Build and apply your leadership and management skills within the scope of your role as an advanced Health Care Assistant
  • Acquire new clinical skills
  • Understand the relationship between body systems and diseases
  • Gain greater insights into day-to-day care procedures
  • Learn how to promote health and wellbeing
  • Learn under the guidance of a dedicated, highly-qualified mentor

Intake Dates

  • Estimated commencement date November 2020 subject to validation and industrial training order.

Government Stimulus Package

Employers across Ireland will be entitled to a financial incentive to the value of €3,000 to take on apprentices. 

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