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Cloud Computing is the commoditisation of computing resources into a utility form like electricity or water. Like electricity or water clients only pay for the computing resources they use. Thus the

provider of the cloud platform takes care of all infrastructure needs and maintenance as opposed to the current model of providing web services in which the service provider must purchase, setup and maintain the infrastructure themselves.

One major example of a service that is based on cloud computing is Netflix. Their video on demand streaming service runs on Amazon’s cloud platform. Due to the demand for their service they have approximately 20,000 instances running on Amazon’s cloud to cope with the demand for their service.

Information systems manage the huge amounts of information that most organisations generate in the modern commercial environment.

These can take many forms, but are usually supported by a database that holds essential data. Such systems are complex and require a lot of planning, preparation and maintenance.

A network is a group of computers that are linked together so that they can communicate with one another. These are usually arranged in a client server configuration where one computer, the server, manages the communication process. Such systems have to be configured and maintained by computer professionals.

Programming is the art and science of designing reliable and efficient programs. It encompasses the collection of initial requirements, the writing of accurate specifications, the consideration of alternative designs, the systematic construction and testing of high quality program code, and the development of clear, accurate documentation. These are the challenging tasks of a modern computer programmer.

Computing Science is the study of computers, their possibilities, their use, their design, and their limitations. A characteristic of a computer is that it can be programmed. A program is a sequence of precise instructions for accomplishing a certain goal. Making programs is challenging. Computing science is the study of how to make programs effectively and efficiently. This takes in other considerations such as how a computer carries out a program, and how separate computers can be linked together to solve problems more efficiently.