Certificate in Work Related Mentoring & Coaching

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Course Overview

Looking to enhance you career as a mentor or coach?

This is an ICHAS course delivered at Griffith College by ICHAS.

This programme is taught by experts in the field, bringing real-life experience to the classroom. It will supplement existing academic and professional learning among graduates of relevant undergraduate programmes, allowing students to engage with subject material supporting their work-related roles. 

Why study a course in Work Related Mentoring & Coaching?

This Level 9 Certificate uses blended learning approaches, offering a flexible approach for all students through face-to-face and online learning. Combined with organisational psychology within work situations, this will optimise employee engagement, well-being and organisational effectiveness.

The overall aims of the Certificate in Work Related Mentoring & Coaching Course are to:

  • A comprehensive theoretical discourse and understanding of the key principles of work-related mentoring and coaching.
  • Develop a critical understanding of the interface between/application of psychological theory and research findings to work contexts.
  • Support professionals who work with (or seek to work with) individuals in work settings to support their well-being and participation in work contexts.
  • Support for graduates in developing and applying theoretical knowledge of occupational health psychology to work-related contexts. 
  • To employ work-related mentoring & coaching competencies as a strategy for informing management and leadership practice.
  • Provide access routes to appropriate higher education for participants based on their current professional needs, individual professional interests, and/or career orientation
  • Enhance the skills, competence, and knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of work for those who wish to specialise in management and leadership roles in various work-related contexts. 
  • Learners will be able to support and guide workforces in various settings through extended study of key aspects of work-related psychology
  • A non-clinical, analytical and consultancy-oriented perspective of work-related psychology.

Intake Dates

  • Dublin - Blended - September 2024

Course Details

The Certificate in Work-Related Mentoring & Coaching comprises 20 ECTS and is being offered as a Minor Award.

Module Outline

The module aims to facilitate students in exploring and critically evaluating empirically informed theories and principles of work-related mentoring and coaching. 


The module will provide students with in-depth knowledge and a critical understanding of the concepts, frameworks and techniques associated with effective work-related mentoring and coaching models. The module will also provide opportunities for learners to engage with contemporary research-informed evidence relating to the theory and practice of work-related mentoring & coaching. Teaching will use practical and scenario-driven exemplars from different business and organisational contexts. 

This module aims to support learners in acquiring the necessary theoretical knowledge to understand the importance of learning environments and processes, and circumstances impacting employee engagement and well-being within the workplace. 


The module will introduce learners to the concepts of learning organisations and examine the relationship between learning and employee engagement in work contexts and workplace wellbeing. Learners will focus on the theoretical basis for learning organisations, employee engagement, commitment and well-being over the period of the module, and learners will be required to appraise the evidence base for successful leadership in work-related contexts.

Course Contact

If you have any queries or would like to receive further information, please contact:

Griffith College Professional Academy team at [email protected] or 01 415 0429.



Timetables will be made available closer to the course start date.

Please contact [email protected] for further information. 

The timetable has been structured to optimise the use of hybrid learning. Thus, the learner can access classes in person or online to achieve a better work/life/study balance. 

This course can be taken over one Semester on a full-time basis or two Semesters on a part-time basis. 

How to Apply

Entry Requirements 

  • The certificate is designed for graduates of a relevant Level 8 programme at a minimum of a 2.2 standard who wish to engage in further study in this field. Relevant programmes may include, but are not limited to, psychology and business-related programmes, graduates of Humanities and Human Science, such as health sciences, nursing, social care, and social work, and programmes in cognate areas who wish to expand their knowledge and understanding of the use, effectiveness, and appropriateness of the principles of work-related Mentoring and coaching.
  • Those who have completed other relevant education programmes or have relevant professional experience, etc., where Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and Acquired Prior Learning (APL) can be applied, may apply for admission to the programme by submitting programme content, qualification and assignments equivalent to an appropriate Second Class Honours (2:2) award at Level 8.
  • If English is not your native language, you must have the minimum English language proficiency requirement for this programme is B2+ in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages which is equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5.
  • All applicants are required to be over 23 years of age.


Tuition Fees

Study Mode: Blended

Dublin Main Campus

EUR 1,750.00

Flexible Payment Options

Students wishing to avail of an instalment plan should contact [email protected]



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