Griffith Celebrates GC50 with Restoration of Historic Quarter Master House

Quarter Master House Griffith College

As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and historical preservation, Griffith is proud to announce the near completion of extensive restoration work on the historic Quarter Master House.

The College welcomed a visiting delegation from the Architectural Association of Ireland (AAI) on 18th May, to view extensive restoration work on the Quarter Master House. This significant project, situated at the entrance to its Dublin campus, is one of a suite of initiatives to mark GC50, celebrating fifty years as Ireland’s largest independent third-level institution. The main contractor, John Lonergan of Revamp Conservation and Roofing Contractor Nick O’Byrne, led the tour and outlined the conservation repair work undertaken.

Griffith college harbour master house

Built circa 1890, the Quarter Master House, a detached three-bay, two-storey red brick building, was most likely constructed following the conversion of the old Richmond Bridewell into Wellington Barracks. Over the last year, the college has undertaken significant sustainability and restoration efforts on this iconic structure, bringing it back to its original splendour.

These extensive renovation works, meticulously carried out to the original designs, are a testament to our dedication to preserving the historical integrity of our campus. As part of our ambitious 2030 Campus Development Plan, we are excited to announce our intention to seek planning permission to further enhance and repurpose the Quarter Master House, ensuring it continues to be a vibrant part of our campus community.

The exterior restoration is now in its final stages, and we are thrilled to share the remarkable progress made by our conservation team, under the expert guidance of Gareth O’Callaghan from JCA. Their dedication and craftsmanship have truly brought the Quarter Master House back to its former glory.

Eryk Rawicz-Lipinski from AAI noted, “On behalf of the AAI, I would like to thank Griffith College for facilitating a site visit to the recently refurbished Quarter Master’s House. It is refreshing to see the commitment to good architectural conservation practice”.

Nick O’Byrne, who was involved in the roof work with Revamp Conservation, spoke of his time on this project, saying, “Taking this building from a derelict stage to its finished stage now has been a labour of love but historically very interesting. We were going off plans from the turn of the century, but it turned out really well and we are incredibly happy with it”.

Griffith college quarter master house

President Diarmuid Hegarty expressed immense pride in this achievement, stating, "The restoration of the Quarter Master House is a significant milestone in our GC50 celebrations and a shining example of our commitment to sustainability and historic preservation. We are delighted to see this beautiful building restored and look forward to its continued role in our campus life."

We invite you to witness the transformation of the Quarter Master House through the attached photos, showcasing the remarkable work done by our team. Join us in celebrating this milestone and our ongoing efforts to preserve the rich history of our campus.

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