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Restart Your Business, Rethink Your Strategy

Restart Your Business, Rethink Your Strategy


Continuity of business is at the forefront of SME owner and managers' minds in these uncertain times.

Survival is key, but so is adapting to this changing business landscape. Osborne Recruitment reported that almost “two-thirds of businesses say the situation will permanently change the way their business operates in the future." The silver lining of the current challenging context is the opportunity to reflect, plan and rethink how your SME can survive, adapt and thrive in a post-COVID-19 world. 


Why should I consider this FREE online series?

These free online workshops will equip SME owners and managers with the necessary management skills, tools and techniques to advance their own personal performance as managers and to more reliably inform and guide the development of their SME through these unprecedented times. Topics covered over this ten-part free series include:

  • Topic 1:  Stronger together – the tactical toolkit
  • Topic 2: Crisis Communication for internal and external audiences
  • Topic 3: Analysis and Planning – evidence based decision making   
  • Topic 4: The power of ‘future’ - building a new reality for Irish SMEs
  • Topic 5: Optimising your supply chain and operations for smarter business 
  • Topic 6: Financial Management in Uncertainty
  • Topic 7: Change Management and Innovation– new challenges bring new opportunities
  • Topic 8: Reconnecting – Marketing to your audience post Covid-19  
  • Topic 9: Demystifying the Tax implications of COVID-19   
  • Topic 10: Leadership and Motivation – empower your people, achieve your goals


Register for the FREE Online Series

To ensure you are updated with all the relevant information for this FREE online workshop series you must complete the online registration. Only registered participants will receive helpful reminders for when class times start.

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