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Certificate in International Foundation Studies (CIFS)

Certificate in International Foundation Studies (CIFS)


This International Foundation Programme is tailored to specific subject discipline areas and combines academic study, intensive English language preparation, study skills and cultural orientation.

The International Foundation Programme is available to students who are planning to enrol on a higher education programme with Griffith College or other higher education institutes but who do not meet the academic and/or English language entry requirements. The programme is delivered through the medium of English.

The Study Skills component of the programme is essential preparation for university life, helping students to work effectively in groups, present ideas, manage their time, conduct research, take lecture notes, organise the content of essays and understand how to evaluate their own work.

Timetabled lessons per week include lectures, directed self-study and enquiry-based group work. Lessons take the form of classes, workshops, tutorials and field trips.

Progress is monitored by continuous assessment of coursework and by the use of class tests. Final grades are based on a mixture of coursework and end-of-course examinations.

This Foundation Programme gives students the opportunity to demonstrate their academic potential and suitability for entry to higher education programmes.

Why study English at Griffith College?

Learners have an opportunity to study a range of academic modules as well as English language and develop their cultural understanding. At Griffith Institute of Language (GIL) we aim to give all students the following:

  • Confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
  • Relaxed and comfortable classroom setting with an emphasis on task completion and communication skills
  • Language, historical and cultural teachings that explore the historical and contemporary issues that make Ireland the society it is today.
  • A high-quality teaching team ensuring learners get the most from their time with us.
  • Progression opportunities to support transition through to undergraduate programmes with Griffith College or other higher institutes of education. 

Intake Dates

We run several intakes for this course. Upcoming start dates include:

  • November 2020
  • February 2021
  • September 2021
  • February 2022