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Thinking of studying English in Ireland? Plan now for your Bachelor or Master degree and enjoy a rebate of your English tuition fees*

*Available for selected markets only, subject to changes without notice.



  • 5 weeks: €255 per week
  • 10 weeks: €235 per week
  • 15 weeks: €215 per week
  • 20 weeks: €200 per week

  • EAP class: 9am – 1pm, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
  • Exam preparation class: 2pm – 4pm, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Guided learning: 2 – 3pm Friday



  • 2-6 weeks: €205 per week
  • 7-11 weeks: €180 per week
  • 12-19 weeks: €155 per week
  • 20-24 weeks: €145 per week

  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9:30 to 13:45


  • 2-6 weeks: €205 per week
  • 7-11 weeks: €180 per week
  • 12-19 weeks: €155 per week
  • 20-24 weeks: €145 per week

  • Monday to Thursday
  • 9:20 to 13:35


Dublin Cork Limerick
  • Internal renewals: €2,530
  • External renewals: €2,630

Additional compulsory extras: €520*

  • Internal renewals: €1,730
  • External renewals: €1,830

Additional compulsory extras: €370*

  • Internal renewals: €1,730
  • External renewals: €1,830

Additional compulsory extras: €370*

*Medical insurance, external exam, PEL, registration, student card & books.

GIL-accreditationGriffith Institute of Language is a member of English Language Education (ELE Ireland) and validated by Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS).

What Our Students & Alumni Say

We followed up with some of our current and past students to see what a difference their language course at Griffith College has made to them.

Rafael Guerta

I chose Griffith College because it is one of the most renowned schools in Ireland for providing high-quality language courses. I had the privilege of taking classes with highly motivated, competent teachers, who are, in my opinion, the best thing about Griffith College. The English course I did was definitely the right thing for me - without this opportunity, I wouldn’t have been accepted for my postgraduate programme. It definitely opened doors to my professional career.

Rafael Guerta Brazil
Joanna Botté

I chose Griffith College to study English because of the reputation for high-quality tuition and their central location. All the positive feedback I had heard proved to be true. Griffith College is a very welcoming school where every student gets their best chance to improve their English level. Being immersed in an English speaking country is really the best way to improve your English level. I also reckon that Ireland is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, and their culture is really enriching.

Joanna Botté France

I love the diversity of good teachers at Griffith College. From my studies, I learned that there was a good mix of nationalities and the people are friendly and polite. I’m happy to be back at the best school in Limerick, where I've made a lot of friends.

Gabriel Griffith College Limerick

I’ve always been excited about studying in Griffith College because their method and teachers are really good. Now that I finished I feel really proud of myself and grateful for all the experiences I had. Limerick is a really good place, it’s a small and simple city and because of that the here can be very humble. I completed two English courses with the Institute of Language in Limerick, finishing at an advanced level.

Bernardo Brazil

When I arrived in Ireland I couldn’t understand anyone, but now it’s different. My English level is much better. Here I made new friends and the teachers are really good. Now, I’m going back to Brazil to finish my college and after that I want to return to Griffith College and maybe start a new degree here.

Jose Brazil

My experience with Griffith College Limerick was wonderful, I learned a lot in my English course. I lived in the city centre after a little time in the student accommodation, Thomond Village. Taking a course in Griffith College helped me a lot in my personal and work development to reach my goals and objectives. It is without a doubt one of the best decisions of my life.

Jair Mexico

My experience in Griffith College Limerick was very good. The teachers are welcoming and classes aren’t boring, which makes the classes very interesting. I’m glad that I had this opportunity. I learned a lot of useful things that will help me to find a good job in my country or maybe start my own company. It was a great experience!

Genesis Panama