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Griffith Institute of Language offers English language learning programmes within fun and safe college environments. We offer English language programmes in a number of locations around Ireland, including Dublin, Cork and Limerick.


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Watch our 2016 Graduation Ceremonies

8 November, 2016

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I learned things about many different cultures and countries, and what is nice is that I can show them Japanese culture. In Japan we never speak up during the class but in Griffith all my classmates from other countries express themselves even when they are making a lot of mistakes.
Maki Kittaka from Japan
General English: 36 Weeks (20 hours per week) 2013
In February I am going to start my international management degree, therefore I wanted to improve my English. The rector of Buhmann Fachakademie and my English teacher recommended Griffith College Dublin to me. I have enjoyed it here since my arrival and I am happy to have come here.
Lisa Prüfer from Germany
Pathway Student: 20 Weeks (20 hours per week) 2012
The best thing about Griffith is that the College gives you all services that you need. There is a Students’ Union where you can find information about trips, parties, activities, sports... There is a library where you can use computers, books and internet. There is also a fitness room and retaurant
Estela Carayol Muñoz from Spain
General English: 24 Weeks (20 hours per week) 2013
The best thing about Griffith College is the possibility to meet international students, you can learn a lot of things about other cultures. There is a fantastic atmosphere that makes me feel good.
Ivan Bertolone from Italy
General English: 24 weeks (20 hours per week) 2012
I was looking for an English school on the internet and I thought that Griffith had the best website with all the information I needed. Griffith it’s a big college with students from different nationalities. Everybody is kind and friendly, even the teachers.
Bryan Porcello from Switzerland
General English: 12 weeks (20 hours per week) 2012