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The college is in close proximity to all amenities including shopping, restaurants, parks, museums and bars. Dublin is the capital city of Ireland and is also the largest. The people are friendly and willing to welcome you in the city. Dublin is located on the east coast of Ireland with easy access to the sea for walking, hiking, or swimming amongst other things. Dublin also has excellent transport connections to the whole island of Ireland where you can explore all the many things Ireland has to offer.


Griffith College Dublin opened on its existing campus in 1974. It is a historic setting which dates back over 200 years to its construction in 1813. This historic campus setting provides a wonderful environment to meet people from all over the world while studying. In addition to its historic buildings, the campus has also a modern conference centre, lecture rooms and student accommodation. Griffith Institute of Language Dublin is our centre of excellence for English for Academic purposes, pre-sessional programmes, in-sessional programmes and bespoke English language programmes.

Nationality Mix (January - June 2023)


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Living with a local family helps students to relax and integrate into life in Ireland and is a lovely way to start your time here. All host families and inspected and monitored by the college.  We have many families within walking distance of our college or a short bus ride away who have been hosting with us for many years.

At Griffith, we have a policy of recruiting families in safe and secure areas with high-quality houses. We inspect all of our families against a set of national standards, as well as some additional standards that we have added ourselves. Our host families are given a handbook and sign an agreement when the accommodation officer is satisfied with the inspection. All our families are re-inspected once a year or if an issue has been raised.  The family will welcome you to their home and you can speak English throughout your stay. All our families are half board which means they provide breakfast and dinner Monday – Friday and breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday. 

In the host family your will have a comfortable room with clothes storage, access to shower / bath, adequate study and fresh home prepared meals.


Alexia Romana Meira Oliveira De Britto

Alexia Romana Meira Oliveira De Britto

  • Starting Level: A2
  • Current Level: High B2
  • Expected Completion Level: C1
  • Programme Type: English for Academic Purposes Programme
  • Duration: 25 weeks originally, has extended twice

What was your reason for choosing Griffith College?

I chose Griffith College Dublin because it has an academic course and I wanted to improve my English skills to a high level with high-quality English teachers. I believed that the British style of English taught at Griffith would be easier for me because it’s more similar to how I write and speak English. 

Did Griffith College meet your expectations? Were you pleased when you arrived?

Yes, it was a big campus, and like a real College. My dream college. European. It was so different from learning English in my home country, Brazil. Brazil doesn’t have many exchange students, I made a lot of friends from different countries and experienced different cultures. I found my English speaking and writing skills improving every week with the excellent teachers and my co-learners and friends. Also, Dublin is a cool city to hang out in with friends and to go to each other’s houses. 

What is the best thing about Griffith College?

The best thing about Griffith College is the variety they offer. You can meet people from different countries. You can do different activities and have a lovely campus to explore. The variety of students from so many different countries was nice for me to be able to speak to every day in English, which really helped me to improve my English speaking skills. I am having a lot of fun and making many new friends, and I’ve learned so much. It has been so enjoyable.

Do you think that your English has improved a lot since you began at Griffith College?

Yes, for sure. Compared to many of my friends who go to other English institutes in Dublin, my English skills have improved more than theirs. My teachers at Griffith College have been very good and provide us with various learning activities. Both my general English and my academic English skills have dramatically improved. 

Would you recommend Griffith College to your friends?

Yes, for sure. I originally came to Griffith College to study English for six months, but because I was so impressed with my course, I have extended my course duration twice since then and have stayed at Griffith for a year and four months. I tell my friends and family in Brazil that my experience at Griffith is amazing. I would recommend Griffith College to anyone looking to meet many people from many cultures and to learn English to a very high level.

Alexia Romana Meira Oliveira De Britto Brazil



Airport Collection

Should you require an airport collection then we can organise this for you. Please notify us 2 weeks before arrival with your flight details.


Health Insurance

Non-EU students are provided with Arachas insurance on application, which activates upon registration. Students are advised to purchase travel insurance. For EU students, please carry your European Health insurance card.


Learner Protection

Griffith Institute of Language is a member school of ELE Ireland and protection or enrolled learners though this membership.


Teachers qualification

Across all three campuses, our teachers are well qualified with at least a degree and approved teaching certificates. Many of our teachers are also qualified at Master's and PhD level.